Grimonprez Production Gears

With great expertise in the production of components and sub-assemblies, Grimonprez Production Gears is the right partner for all requests for manufacturing complex gears and gearboxes. A variety of operations are performed internally: internal and external splines, helical and straight teeth, teeth and cylindrical grinding, etc.

Grimonprez Production Gears manufactures gears for the most demanding industries such as

  • Aeronautics
  • Defense & armament
  • Energy
  • Construction and mining equipment
  • Automotive competition
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Lifting industry

Our different production plants, supported by the most advanced and best in class internal developments teams, enables our customers to reach new levels with their products. SUB-ALLIANCE is unique and invests in talented workforce, state-of-the-art plants to maintain long-term relations with our partners and guarantee the highest manufacturing excellence.

The latest generation of machines equipped with robots allows reactivity, competitiveness and ensures the traceability of parts with controls adapted to the most demanding applications.
Grimonprez Production Gears delivers prototypes as well as medium and large series.

Certified EN9100 / 9001, Grimonprez Production Gears is the supplier of the largest contractors in the aeronautics sector.
Our mission and vision are to improve lead times, cost-effective solutions, the highest quality standards, qualified and trained team and a dynamic approach to our customers.

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